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  • All you want to know - blow molding machine

    What is a blow molding machine? A blow molding machine, also known as a blow molding machine or blow molding machine, is a machine that automates the manufacturing process for molding hollow plastic parts, most widely used for making PET bottles. How does a blow molding machine work?In terms of the

  • Market Research: Blow Molding Machine Market to be Worth $70 Billion!

    An exclusive insider's guide to the beverage industry, secrets only manufacturers know, a guide to beverage companies in the current economic climate. Here, we want to share it with you for free! Follow us now for more information! Blow Molding Machine Market: Overview The blow molding process inv

  • How to Make EPS Foam and How to Make EPS Foam Efficiently

    How to Make EPS Foam and How to Make EPS Foam EfficientlyEPS foam is a highly durable material used in many consumer products. Eps stands for Expandable Polystyrene. This expanding foam compound is an excellent insulator, so it is commonly used in refrigerators, coolers, helmets, and many other prod

  • EPS foam machine home take you to understand what EPP and EPS are

    With the development of technology, more and more industries began to use EPS foam machinery, the following, let EPE Foam Sheet Extrusion Machine and plastic sheet extrusion machine manufacturers to introduce EPE, EPP and EPS foam machinery, EPO are what.1.EPE: It refers to foamed polyethylene, whic

  • What is the application of EPS foam machinery in construction?

    The automated use of EPE Foam Sheet Extrusion Machine not only can effectively reduce the difficulty of construction, but also can ensure the quality of construction. With the continuous development of science and technology, the application of mechanical automation in the field of construction is i

  • Learn about the uses and specifications of EPS foam filter beads for EPS foam machinery

    EPS foam filter beads are widely used, and are a kind of reusable polystyrene foam particle filter beads (EPS foam beads), which is a small white ball that can be made by adding LPG to floating polystyrene resin. It is a lightweight filter media with a density of 20g/liter, a bulk density of 80-100g

  • How to make reasonable use of the environmental characteristics of pearl cotton?

    Pearl cotton has high cushioning and shock absorption capacity, is one of the new environmentally friendly packaging materials. Pearl cotton is rich in strong elasticity, softness and toughness can be bent to absorb and disperse the external impact to achieve the effect of high shock absorption buff

  • epe pearl cotton density classification you know?

    epe pearl cotton density classification you know?The density of epe pearl cotton material is calculated in kg/m3 (kg per cubic meter), the current market pearl cotton is divided into several grades. epe pearl cotton density how to calculate? The next EPE Foam Sheet Extrusion Line manufacturer to giv

  • Excellent features of EPE Foam Sheet Extrusion Machine and precautions for use

    The foam is produced by the high-speed rotation of the impeller. With the continuous progress of related technology, the EPE Foam Sheet Extrusion Machine has been updated and reformed, and its practical value has been enhanced.What are the excellent features of EPE Foam Sheet Extrusion Machine?1. La

  • Continuous Type EPS Pre Expander extrusion foaming process

    Continuous Type EPS Pre Expander is widely used in various instruments and packaging blocks for various light industrial products, most of which are made of compressed EPS foam. It can be formed directly into the shape corresponding to the packaging and has reliable shock, heat, and pressure resista

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