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EPS Foam Moulding Machine Solution

EPS Foam Moulding Machine

Foam machinery is composed of foam crusher, foam granulator and granulator foam crushing, plasticizing, stripping, granulation process. Foam plate machine is a kind of recyclable foam waste foam particles. Vertical distribution, transmission hydraulic system, using advanced computer and Taiwan touch screen control, high degree of automation, easy to use.

The machine runs smoothly, no inertia after power failure, stops in time, and the flow mold joint is ideal. Automatic feeder configuration system is equipped with high pressure hopper and automatic feeding device. Automatic feeder guide rail, gun alloy steel, thread grinding machine quenching heat treatment, smooth surface, long service life.
The system adopts a variety of heating methods, using solid, balance valve system shift mode, control instrument and control valve to complete the cycle, so that the aircraft is more economical. Solved the root of gas and steam instability, because the product quality is not stable, the quality is greatly improved. Steam and cooling water valve, imported parts, safe operation, stable performance, foaming molding machine, one person can operate 2-3 machines. By the turntable (other types of EPS foaming machine foam cutting equipment), the generally used analysis process can also be reduced to a rotating body, including the sphere.
EPS foam, each of eight cutting machine foam cutting machine structure and composition of micro stepper motor: X axis, Y axis 2, dial 1, square bracket 1, these high quality foaming molding machine 2Amp motor, can ensure high accuracy and longevity.


EPS Foam Board For Building

EPS Packaging

EPS Packaging

The Use And Scope Of EPS Foam Forming Machine Are Introduced

Forming machine is the key equipment for material crushing after material crushing. It is widely used in cement, silicate products, new building materials, refractory materials, fertilizers, non-ferrous metals, mineral processing, glass ceramics, and produce dry or wet grinding of various ores and other grinding materials. Test run of molding machine: after the installation of the molding machine is completed, the test can be carried out after passing the inspection. The trial operation of injection molding machine should be carried out by skilled injection molding machine operators, strictly abide by the safe operation rules of injection molding machine.

Electrical control system

  The continuous operation time of air transport shall not be less than 12-24 hours, and the problems discovered during operation shall be solved in a timely manner.


 Normal load test operation through the airlift testing machine. The load test shall be carried out in stages. Because the feed port should be operated under load, unnecessary wear and damage to the ball and cylinder liner are avoided.


According to the operation condition of gear and gear reducer (wensheng, noise, tooth shape contact), determine the increase of the above-mentioned load and the length of trial operation. There is no full load operation before the tooth surface contact accuracy does not meet the design requirements.

Electrical control system

   The cooling and lubrication system shall work normally during the test operation. The temperature of main bearing, transmission bearing and reducer should be normal.


  The whole bolt shall be checked and tightened again 24 to 48 hours after loading 2/3 ball.


  During the trial run, every record shall be carefully handled.


PES Foam Forming Machine Performance Characteristics

Good waterproof performance, wind pressure resistance, impact resistance, EPS foaming machine foaming polystyrene board thin plaster exterior wall external insulation system has superior thermal insulation performance. It can effectively solve the problem of wall cracking and leakage. The system is immature, convenient and economical, and has been widely used in developed countries and coastal areas. With the development of building energy conservation, the system will become the mainstream product in the market.

Electrical control system

The foam is mixed with cement slurry, and the foaming machine is fully foaming mechanically through the foaming system of the foaming machine. On this basis, through the cement foam pumping system natural curing, formed a large number of closed pore light light insulation materials. It belongs to foamy shape heat preservation material, its characteristic is to form closed foam hole in concrete, make concrete heat insulation heat preservation.


After the completion of the main structure, EPS expansive polystyrene board thin plastered exterior wall external insulation using polystyrene board (hereinafter referred to as benzene board) as the building external insulation material. Paste the benzene board on the wall according to the requirements of special adhesive mortar. If special reinforcement requirements are required, plastic expansion screws can be used for anchoring. Then the polymer cement mortar is applied to the appearance of the benzene board, pressed into the alkali resistant glass fiber mesh cloth, forming mortar layer maintenance, and finally reach the putty and paint finishing layer.


The Characteristics And Operation Method Of EPS Foam Forming Machine

EPS foam forming machine features complete functions and convenient parameter adjustment. Closed mold, feeding, foaming, mold, gas and automatic control, but also allow the computer to control production of foam products use a variety of heating methods can be used to complete the soil environment of the old machine mold, without change in plants, the machine can be in good condition, make the product meet the automatic vacuum molding machine foaming machine has compact structure, save a space, reliable performance, convenient maintenance, Save manpower, save steam quality, save raw materials.

EPS foam molding machine semi-automatic learning, a little, no training, every 2-4 manipulator foam molding machine adopts imported hydraulic system at the same time, increase the clamping force, in order to improve the speed of mold, molding cycle is short, molding machine automatic forming more energy-efficient EPS is Chinese simple function, graphical interface control, man-machine dialogue foam molding machine screw mechanical transmission.

The machine has the advantages of simple structure, practical and reliable, convenient maintenance, perfect fault self-diagnosis function, motor protection system, safe operation of the equipment, and high cost efficiency of protective foam forming machine equipment, which is the ideal choice for capital or users to transition investment.

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